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Delicious chef-prepared NDIS main meals

When it comes to preparing and eating main meals every day, we know it can be challenging to shop for ingredients and cook tasty meals that are nutritionally balanced and healthy. As a registered NDIS main meals provider, Able Foods takes the guesswork out of healthy eating. 

We’ve spent countless hours with our team of dietitians perfecting our Magic 8 Nutrition Guidelines to ensure all of our NDIS main meals are healthy, balanced and downright delicious. Whilst other providers might work on averages across their menu, all our NDIS main meals are created equal. 

And if that’s not enough, our NDIS main meals are developed following the Australian Dietary Guidelines and Australian Guide to Healthy Eating!

The NDIS recommends that when you choose an NDIS meal provider, you ask if they’ve followed these guidelines, and at Able Foods, the answer is yes! 

No matter what cuisine you’re in the mood for, our NDIS main meals make it easy to relax and dig in because you know they were designed by a team of experts.


Lucky for you it's not just main meals on our menu. Try our seasonal soups and sandwiches packed full of tasty veggies and classic combinations to keep your hunger at bay. Our top picks? Roast beef & relish sandwich or potato & leek soup!

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Safe and healthy meals made simple with NDIS-approved texture-modified meals

As well as our rotating selection of delicious meal choices, Able Foods offers NDIS-approved texture-modified meals in ‘minced and moist’ and ‘pureed’ texture levels. Our NDIS main meals are IDDSI compliant, providing a healthy and safe dinner you can enjoy without compromising flavour, health or convenience.

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Ready to enjoy hassle-free, healthy main meals?

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