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Able Foods is a registered NDIS provider that offers fresh ready-made meal options, texture modified meals, snacks and fruit delivered straight to your door! Our service is tailored for NDIS participants who are self, plan or agency managed. But, if you aren’t on the NDIS you can still order our meals! We believe it’s essential that everyone has access to healthy and delicious food!

The National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) assists people living with disability by providing funding for supports and services. The NDIS fund what’s ‘reasonable and necessary’ to help participants achieve their goals and live full and independent lives. If delivered ready-made meals are considered necessary for the participant, the NDIS will cover the meal preparation and delivery. The participant will only pay for the cost of the ingredients.

For NDIS participants, if you have the stated line item for ‘preparation and delivery of meals’ (01_022_0120_1_1) listed under your Core Supports, you will be able to order! If you’re not sure if this applies to you or would like to discuss how you can get this added to your plan then get in touch and we can help.

stated support

Depending on how your NDIS plan is managed will determine how payment works. The NDIS will cover 80% for the meal prep and delivery and you pay a small co-payment of 20% to cover the cost of the ingredients.

Self Managed – you pay for the total cost upfront and we will issue you with a tax invoice to make your claim to the NDIA.

Plan Managed – you pay the small co-payment of 20% which will be applied as a discount at checkout and your plan manager will take care of the remaining 80%. We will send the invoice directly to them.

Agency (NDIA) Managed – you pay the small co-payment of 20% which will be applied as a discount at checkout and we will then be able to claim the remaining 80% directly to the NDIA via a service booking. This requires a quote and service agreement to be approved first so you will need to get in touch before you can start to order.

Non NDIS Participant – If you are not a participant of the NDIS then you will need pay the total cost of your order. Please note that as a requirement all non NDIS customers will have GST added to some products.

If you require a quote for your plan manager, please give us a call or send an email to and we’ll have this done for you in no time!

Once we’ve set you up with an account, you can go online and choose your meals (or call or email us, if that’s your thing). It’s that easy!

Call us today to get started on 1300 123 2253 (ABLE).


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